Monitoring San Networks


ManageEngine OpStor  v.7

OpStor is a multi-vendor storage monitoring software offering unified Inventory, Fault and Performance Management for Storage Arrays, Fabric Switches, Tape Libraries, HBAs, VMware and Host servers through a browser-based client.

Ipswitch WhatsUp Gold Standard Edition  v.12.0.2

High performance predictive and pre-emptive monitoring of networks and systems infrastructure and core IP services 24/7. Highly flexible, automated, and comprehensive network discovery and mapping.


ASIS  v.9.0

ASIS is an advanced, professional tool for analyzing, debugging, maintaining and monitoring local networks and Internet connections. ASIS is a network protocol analyzer or sniffer.

Syslog Watcher Pro  v.4.0.1

Powerful server for collecting and reviewing syslog messages from many sources. This syslog server is a perfect tool for monitoring large networks. High-performance architecture,

SoftPerfect Network Protocol Analyzer

SoftPerfect Network Protocol Analyzer is a professional tool for analyzing, debugging, maintaining and monitoring local networks and Internet connections. It captures the data passing through your dial-up connection or network Ethernet card, analyzes this

AN-X Utilities  v.3 2

Automation Network X-change (AN-X) is a product family designed by Quest Technical Solutions as a flexible platform for connecting to and monitoring automation networks. AN-X connects to a computer or other device (PLC, etc.

AggreGate Network Manager for Linux  v.5.01.00

AggreGate Network Manager is an enterprise-grade network management platform. The system provides a rich set of data processing tools for monitoring IP networks, servers, routers, applications, services, traffic and performance.

AggreGate SDK  v.4.50.05

AggreGate SDK is the development tool set that will enable you to integrate the AggreGate features in the software you create.

Net_clipper II  v.1.2

net_clipper II allows you to have one clipboard on multiple computers on a network.

KnowledgeMiner  v.5.4.1

KnowledgeMiner is a powerful, easy-to-use modeling and prediction tool designed to support the process of knowledge extraction from data on a highly automated level.

PhotoCircus  v.1.0.6

PhotoCircus Screen Saver is a slide show screen saver with a few extras:Able to show background or foreground alpha channel images (sample images included).

PhotoMover  v.2.1.4

PhotoMover moves (using email, ftp, and http transport) and adjusts (resizes) your photos from a source (any file, folder, or application like iPhoto) to a destination (an email address, ftp site or one of the free online photo upload services like C

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